Seamless integrations to transform your staffing solution

Harness the power of PIXID VMS’s open API to effortlessly integrate with your existing ATS or back-office systems, unlocking new dimensions of efficiency and versatility in contingent workforce management.

How PIXID VMS Integration Elevates Your Staffing Operations

At PIXID VMS, we understand the dynamic needs of staffing firms and businesses in managing their contingent workforce. PIXID VMS integration greatly enhances your ability to provide rapid and reliable contingent staffing services, giving you a significant competitive edge. By facilitating the effortless exchange of candidate profiles, contracts, and other vital documents and data , it promotes supplier-client cooperation and streamlines compliance and operational efficiency
  • Receive work assignment requests from your clients instantly, then select and supply suitable candidates from your talent pool.
  • PIXID will reduce time-to-fill metrics and improve client satisfaction with faster candidate placements.
  • You can integrate contracts, timesheets & invoices to make them available for your clients.
  • PIXID minimizes administrative overhead through automation, significantly enhancing the accuracy of invoicing, payroll, and client billing processes.
  • Integration will allow your team to focus on more value-added tasks, like enhancing client engagement, sourcing candidates, and strengthening relationships.

VMS + Bullhorn: Maximizing Efficiency and Revenue

PIXID VMS added to Bullhorn system opens up a whole new revenue flow – the efficient and reliable supply of contingent workers straight from Bullhorn!

Thanks to the seamless two-way integration with Bullhorn, you can swiftly receive and respond to candidate requests. Select and submit top talent for contingent job assignments straight from your Bullhorn system, ensuring your candidates are presented to your clients via their PIXID VMS interface within seconds, for review and approval.

Key features of Bullhorn Integration

  • Ground-breaking 2-way integration – quick and reliable supply of contingent staffing straight from Bullhorn
  • Rapid Deployment
  • No set up fees
  • Enables super-fast contingent staffing supply by Bullhorn users

Elevate Your Staffing Solutions with PIXID VMS

At PIXID, we believe in the power of collaboration. While our two-way integration with Bullhorn ATS showcases our capability to seamlessly connect powerful tools, we are continually seeking to expand our partnerships to enhance staffing firm performance and profitability.