The Bullhorn add-on that gives you a competitive edge

PIXID VMS is the first global, mid-market, fast to deploy, pay-as-you-go Vendor Management System to implement a full two-way integration with Bullhorn ATS.

PIXID VMS adds contingent staff management to Bullhorn

It is now possible to connect these two powerful tools, greatly expanding your ability to provide rapid and reliable contingent staffing services to your clients, giving you a significant competitive advantage.

PIXID VMS added to Bullhorn system opens up a whole new revenue flow – the efficient and reliable supply of contingent workers straight from Bullhorn!

PIXID VMS adds contingent staff management to Bullhorn

PIXID VMS and Bullhorn ATS integration benefits

Key features

  • Ground-breaking 2-way integration between Bullhorn ATS and PIXID VMS
  • Deployed in days
  • Pay-as you-go pricing
  • Enables super-fast contingent staffing supply by Bullhorn users
  • Adds sub-supplier management for Bullhorn users

Elevate your contingent staffing operations!

Thanks to the seamless two-way integration with Bullhorn, you can swiftly receive and respond to candidate requests. Select and submit top talent for contingent job assignments straight from your Bullhorn system, ensuring your candidates are presented to your clients via their PIXID VMS interface within seconds, for review and approval.

5 real-world scenarios where PIXID VMS will add value
to your Bullhorn ATS – and to your business!

5 real-world scenarios where PIXID VMS will add value to your Bullhorn ATS – and to your business!

  • Due to its short set up time (days!) PIXID VMS can be deployed within tight project timescales.
  • PIXID VMS + Bullhorn ATS enables assignments to be filled as quick as a flash.
  • PIXID VMS adds temp staffing value to Bullhorn:
    • Timesheets
    • Sub-supplier management
    • Reporting on temp staff
    • Worker compliance
  • Agencies using PIXID VMS + Bullhorn ATS becomes the Preferred Supplier for organizations using PIXID VMS.
  • Agencies using PIXID VMS + Bullhorn ATS receive all jobs sent to the Preferred Supplier List (PSL).
  • Agencies using PIXID VMS + Bullhorn ATS see the jobs quicker than other suppliers on the PSL.

This will help you win more business from existing projects…

  • PIXID VMS enables you to be the fastest to propose candidates – This is key especially in areas of manual work – such as construction and logistics – where first proposed = first selected.
  • Requests appear instantly in Bullhorn.
  • Proposed workers appear immediately in the end-client view.
  • PIXID VMS adds Managed Service Provider (MSP) functionality to Bullhorn ATS.
  • You can even become a Master Vendor using PIXID VMS – exclusively managing the suppliers for your end-clients.
  • You can provide MSP services through PIXID VMS:
    • Managing all staffing suppliers for your end-client
    • Arrange end-client interviews for all their suppliers
    • Manage end-client processes for all jobs, all workers, all suppliers
    • Enables reporting across the entire end-client organization
Once your end-client organizations start using PIXID VMS, they stick with it and stick with the supplier that provided them with this tech – you! PIXID VMS is a cutting-edge system – so you will be seen to be future-proof.